Artificial intelligence consulting services and productivity

AI technology can be used in your business to optimize team activities and processes. Artificial intelligence helps achieve extraordinary personal productivity growth for all knowledge workers in your team. Failing to implement AI can lead to falling far behind more innovative competitors.

Increase your revenue by at least 5 to 10 percent without increasing the cost basis.

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How will AI improve productivity?

Data shows 65% of jobs have elements that can be made more productive with language model (LLM) based generative AI tools. Jobs based on office computer work and communication can be made 2 to 3 times more productive.

Beyond average productivity growth, there are tasks in which the time spent can be reduced by up to 10 times. There are also activities that humans no longer need to perform when using AI.

According to analysts, 40% of working hours in all areas of activity are affected by artificial intelligence. Even under conservative scenarios, the AI implementation can result in a productivity increase of 5 to 10 percent. This means you can increase turnover without accompanying additional costs. Costs remain the same, and revenues grow.

Artificial intelligence consulting services

Our AI consulting service helps you find the areas where artificial intelligence can optimize your team’s productivity and streamline your business processes.

AI strategy will boost productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Let us help you harness the potential of AI, guiding you through every step, from process analysis and planning to the final implementation and continuous support.

1. Analyzing Your Organization

We work with your team to determine which processes are prime candidates for productivity improvement.

2. Process Mapping

We determine the processes in which to start using AI tools and which can be automated if possible.

3. Developing Efficient Processes

Our AI consultants help find AI solutions to optimize and automate selected work sections and document the renewed processes.

4. Identifying High-Growth Activities

We identify activities that provide the greatest growth in productivity and help improve customer communication speed.

5. Feedback

We discuss with all team members involved in optimized processes what their expectations are and how they see themselves implementing new, more efficient processes. Based on feedback, we put together the final processes and decide on their implementation schedule.

6. Implementing Processes

We help the team adapt to new tools and processes and fully hand over the activities to them. We provide support until the company has adapted to the changes.

Business outcomes: productivity and efficiency

Why you should start implementing AI productivity improvements before your competitors? What can our AI consulting company deliver to make you successful?

Personal Productivity Increase: Each member of the team becomes more productive. Personal productivity growth can be implemented in each company regardless of the number of employees.

Efficiency Growth: AI helps reduce and automate routine work, allowing a reduction in the time spent on these activities driving business growth.

Error Prevention: AI helps prevent errors, which are often inevitable in humans. Avoiding mistakes speeds up effective work and completion.

Cost Saving: Automated activities achieve results faster, and error prevention eliminates the need to redo work. This results in lower costs to achieve the same unit results.

Increased Availability: AI tools can automate some communication with customers and create materials that provide them with information regardless of the time and day of the week.

Scale AI: Automated AI systems allow growth that is not associated with cost growth. Once processes are launched, there is no difference in whether the solution has to perform 10 or 10,000 actions.

Better Sales Results: AI-supported sales activities provide faster responses to the customer, increasing the likelihood of securing a deal in a competitive situation.

Improved Customer Communication: AI-enhanced processes help improve all possible customer-related metrics as customers receive faster and more personalized experiences.

Greater Customer Satisfaction: More personalized and faster communication increases customer satisfaction with your service.

Team Satisfaction: In addition to quantitative results, optimized processes provide an increase in team satisfaction.

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AI can increase efficiency in some areas by 2 to 3 times. AI is not just a game-changer., leading to an overall productivity increase of 5-10%.

Now is the time to implement artificial intelligence in your business with the help of our AI experts. AI influences 40% of working hours across all sectors. It’s the key to beating your competitors. Start with our AI consulting services today, optimize your processes, enhance team productivity, cut costs, and elevate customer satisfaction.

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