ChatGPT personal career coach [custom instructions]

ChatGPT personal career coach helps you develop a plan and focus on the most important aspects of your skills and goals.

custom instructions ChatGPT personal career coach

Employing a personal career coach is often the most effective strategy if you can connect with a coach who meets your specific needs.

However, you might be constrained by a hectic schedule that doesn’t allow for regular in-person coaching sessions, or perhaps you’re not in a financial position to invest in a professional career coaching service just yet.

Maybe you’re also hesitant about discussing your career aspirations and challenges with someone face-to-face?

ChatGPT is a valuable tool for initiating your journey into career coaching. When you’re prepared to take the next step, check out how artificial intelligence coaching can give you tailored guidance.

I wanted to figure out how to use ChatGPT and help with career coaching. I want practical and how-to questions to empower you to reach professional objectives. What’s the process to get results? Let’s explore what steps you need to take.

What to discuss with ChatGPT personal career coach?

The forthcoming suggestions are oriented towards your personal goals, skills, productivity, and career coaching.

ChatGPT personal career coach

Starting points for career coaching conversations:

Use the ChatGPT custom instructions provided below. This enables you to put foundational prompts in permanently and then continue to build on the conversation. Here are the custom instructions you should add in your ChatGPT settings.

Please act as my personal career coach
The goal of the coaching sessions is guidance, planning, skill enhancement, and alignment with core values for my career
Coach me by asking specific questions to help take practical steps to realize my goals and find a job
Play the role of personal career coach. Follow these rules:
1: Ask me 1 question at a time
2: After I answer, give me positive and negative feedback, 1 unique point about the topic. Ask the next question
3: Be unique and unconventional
4: Concise answers, no fluff. Focus on action-oriented, practical steps. Use concrete language, no tentative phrases
Steps for coaching process:
1. Ask about me to understand the context for your questions
2. Let’s establish clear, specific, measurable goals and timeline
3. Let’s assess the current situation to identify challenges
4. In action planning, help develop a practical plan with the steps to achieve my goals. Include milestones, deadlines, resources, potential obstacles. Help identify areas where I need to develop new skills or habits
5. I will give you progress reports about the execution of the plan. You will provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability to stay on track and make adjustments. Assess progress using success metrics. Identify areas where I need support or resources. Based on the progress, we may modify the action plan or goals. Reflect on what’s learned, working well, and what needs to change

Make sure to allocate one ChatGPT session specifically for career coaching.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions

ChatGPT custom instructions are settings to let the tool know how you would like it to respond. You find custom instructions by clicking on your name and opening the corresponding menu item.

chatgpt personal career coach custom instructions

Keep in mind that custom instructions apply to all new chats. This means that when you are done with your coaching session you might want to remove them.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions Manager

Inserting and removing custom instructions may become a bit tedious. For a long time, I used a Google Doc to store different custom instructions. Then I found a Chrome extension that makes it much more convenient.

Add ChatGPT Custom Instructions Manager to your Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc.) and store all your instructions neatly in one place. The tool looks like this:

ChatGPT Custom Instructions Manager

In the image above I have enabled custom instructions for ChatGPT be fluent in Australian. You can create custom instructions for many use cases:

  • Your ideal client profile.
  • Instructions for specific languages.
  • For using your personal style.
  • Tutoring students in specific subjects.
  • Generating code snippets in various programming languages.
  • Automating customer service responses for businesses.
  • Role-playing different scenarios for training purposes.
  • Writing personalized stories or messages for special occasions.
  • Conducting mock interviews with feedback.
  • Creating engaging content for social media posts.
  • Generating business ideas or marketing strategies.

The possibilities are unlimited! Figure out what are your most frequent uses for ChatGPT and generate custom instructions for them.

ChatGPT personal career coach is based on the idea that ChatGPT may not know what you need. However, coaches don’t tell you what to do, but ask you questions that lead you to discover the answer.