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ChatGPT business coach? What does it know?! Coaching is not about giving you answers. The main idea is to help you solve the problems you have. This is great when you use ChatGPT. ChatGPT may not be the best tool to give you exceptional ideas, but it will help you dig deeper and find solutions on your own.

chatgpt business coach

Hiring a live coach is certainly the bet approach if you can find the right person to work with.

Sometimes you may not have the time it takes for live coaching sessions. Or you may want a coach to help you make money, and you don’t have the money to pay for the coaching service.

Maybe you are not ready to share your thoughts with a real live human?

ChatGPT can help out with getting started with coaching. When you are ready check out our artificial intelligence consulting services.

What to address with ChatGPT business coaching?

I am interested in business coaching that would help people to achieve their goals. Is there a specific process to do it? Let’s find out what you need to do.

The following focuses on productivity and business but you can easily turn it into ChatGPT life coach prompt.

Prompts to get started with coaching

You should dedicate one ChatGPT conversation to coaching. This way, you can set it up with initial prompts and then keep returning regularly to the existing conversation. Here’s the prompt you should paste into ChatGPT:

Please act as my business coach. You will coach me by asking specific questions. The goal of the business coaching sessions is to help me arrive at solutions to my business problems. The questions must help me think about my business, create a strategy, and take practical steps to realize my goals.

Play the role of my business coach. Follow these rules:

1: You will ask me 1 question at a time.

2: After I answer, give me positive and negative feedback on what I said. Add one unique viewpoint about the specific topic. Then ask me the next question.

3: In your questions and suggestions, be as unique and unconventional as possible.

4: Give me concise answers, no fluff. Focus on action-oriented and practical steps I can take. Use concrete language, no tentative phrases.

5: When I type "session stop," do the following: There's a specific structure to the links that generate events in Google Calendar. Please generate a specific Google Calendar link to put a 30-minute meeting, "ChatGPT coaching session," in my calendar for the next week at the same time. Just one link in clickable link format

Please follow the steps below in the coaching process:

1. Ask me about my business to understand the context needed for asking your questions.

2. We will establish clear, specific, and measurable goals. After we have measurable goals and a timeline, we move on to the next stage.

3. We will work together to assess the current situation and identify challenges, then we move on to the next stage.

4. In the action planning step, you will help me develop a practical action plan outlining the steps required to achieve the goals. Include milestones, deadlines, resources needed, and potential obstacles. Help me identify areas where I need to develop new skills or habits.

5. I will give you progress reports about the execution of the plan. You will provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability for me to stay on track and make necessary adjustments. We will periodically assess progress toward the goals using predetermined success metrics. We identify areas where I may need additional support or resources. Based on the progress review, we may decide to modify the action plan or goals. This involves reflecting on what has been learned, what is working well, and what needs to change.

Do you understand these instructions? Are you ready to start?

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Running ChatGPT business coaching sessions

ChatGPT business coach, should start out with initial questions about your business to get the details about what you are doing. Then it will start to ask you business coaching questions that you should answer as truthfully as possible.

When I experimented with the coaching prompts, ChatGPT got to the places where I felt pain in three questions. That pain indicated that I was lacking in those areas. When ChatGPT coach starts to ask painful questions and wants answers, take notes and set tasks that help you improve the areas you discover in these conversations.

Business coaching you improve performance, develop leadership skills, and achieve organizational goals. Key techniques of business coaching include:

  1. Active Listening: Coaches must be skilled listeners, paying close attention to verbal and non-verbal cues to understand the client’s needs, concerns, and perspectives.
  2. Asking Powerful Questions: Coaches use open-ended, thought-provoking questions to facilitate self-discovery, reflection, and deeper insights for the client.
  3. Establishing Goals: A coach helps clients define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with their personal and professional aspirations.
  4. Building Rapport and Trust: Establishing a strong connection and maintaining trust between the coach and client are essential for a successful coaching relationship.
  5. Providing Feedback: Coaches offer constructive feedback that helps clients identify areas for improvement, recognize their strengths, and develop strategies for growth.
  6. Solution-Focused Approach: Coaches encourage clients to focus on finding solutions and developing action plans, rather than dwelling on problems or obstacles.
  7. Encouraging Accountability: Coaches help clients take ownership of their goals and actions, holding them accountable for their progress and commitment to change.
  8. Developing Emotional Intelligence: A coach supports clients in enhancing their self-awareness, empathy, and interpersonal skills, which are critical for effective leadership and teamwork.
  9. Utilizing Coaching Models and Frameworks: Coaches often employ various coaching models (e.g., GROW, CLEAR, OSCAR) or frameworks to structure their sessions and facilitate the coaching process.
  10. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Effective coaches are committed to their own professional development and adapt their coaching techniques to meet the evolving needs of their clients and changing business environments.

Use these key techniques to steer ChatGPT business coach so you can unlock your potential, overcome challenges, and achieve greater success in their professional life.

Prompts to steer ChatGPT business coach

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur working alone, you should probably know the details of your business. Give those details to your ChatGPT coach so they have as much information as possible to work with.

If you have specific pain points you know you have to improve on, then let the AI business coach know what they are. As with real flesh-and-bones business coach, honesty is the only strategy that will get you results.

Probably the bes model for ChatGPT business coach is the GROW Model: GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will (or Way forward). The model helps coaches and clients focus on specific aspects of the coaching process:

  • Goal: Establish a clear, specific, and achievable goal for the coaching session or overall engagement.
  • Reality: Explore the client’s current situation, challenges, and resources related to the goal.
  • Options: Generate and discuss various potential strategies, solutions, or paths to achieve the goal.
  • Will (or Way forward): Determine the best course of action, commit to specific steps, and create a plan to move forward.

The length of ChatGPT coaching sessions

ChatGPT conversations have a 4096-token context window. This means approximately 3000 words. When your conversation exceeds that length, ChatGPT may start to forget the things that were mentioned at the very beginning of the conversation.

So, how to track the length of the conversation?

I created a Google Chrome extension that will give you the length of the text in the conversation window. When you reach 3000 words, you should consider restating some of the key points so they would stay in the working memory of the language model. Add the Chrome extension to your browser and it will display the word and token numbers in the top right corner of the conversation window.

chatgpt token counter screenshot 1

However, 3000 words are quite a bit. If you would have a 3000-word conversation with an actual person, it could take you 25 to 30 minutes.

Use GPT4 for coaching

When you want to get the maximum value out of the ChatGPT business coaching sessions, I suggest you use the latest version of the language model. Right now, it’s only available on the paid plan or ChatGPT Plus.

The price is 20 dollars, but I am pretty sure you can get that 20 bucks back in better quality output from version 4 of the language model.

Questions to ask a potential business coach

When you think you need to get a real business coach, it’s crucial to ask questions that help you understand their experience, coaching style, and alignment with your goals. Here are some important questions to consider:

  1. What is your coaching experience? Please share some success stories or case studies from your previous clients. Can I speak to one or two of your past or current clients for references?
  2. What industries have you worked in or with? Do you specialize in certain sectors? What size of businesses do you typically work with? Start-ups, SMEs, corporations?
  3. How do you measure the success of your coaching? How do you handle situations where a client is not achieving their goals?
  4. How will our interactions work? What’s the frequency and mode of communication? What is your approach or business coaching process?
  5. Do you provide any resources or tools to supplement the coaching sessions?
  6. How do you handle confidentiality?
  7. What are your expectations from me as a client?
  8. How do you stay updated with current business trends and strategies?
  9. What certifications, qualifications, or training do you have in business coaching?
  10. What are your fees and what do they include?

These are the questions to ask business coach to give you a comprehensive understanding of a potential business coach’s style, expertise, and whether they would be a good fit for your business needs.

Remember the key point of coaching

Some of my friends were skeptical about the whole idea of ai business coach telling them how to run their businesses. But the key point of coaching is asking questions. Simple questions will steer you in a way that you will find the solutions to your problems. They can open new ways of looking at things that you didn’t think of.

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